To book a screening of the Tour Program or “The Very Best of Rural Route” collection (and inquire about additional feature options), email:

Whitesburg, KY – May 20, 2022 @ Appalshop

Richmond, VA – March 14 @ James River Film Festival
Phoenix, AZ – November 25 @ Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts
Freistadt, Austria – August 22-26 @ Heimatfestival
Bethlehem, NH – June 29 @ Colonial Theatre
Memphis, TN – June 6 @ Indie Memphis
Reno, NV – May 17 @ Nevada Museum of Art
Tallahassee, FL – May 11-13 @ Tallahassee Film Society
Decorah, IA – April 21 @ Oneota Film Festival/Luther College
Cedar Rapids, IA – April 19 @ CSPS/Coe College Marquis Series
Madison, WI – March 8 @ University of Wisconsin
Arica, Chile – November 4-12 @ Arica Nativa

DoMatterPLAID “DO MATTER”. Dir. Christopher Arcella. 2016, 4 min. Music Video. Prescott, AZ.  Arcella wrote, directed and animated this sci-fi accompaniment to the British electronic music duo’s single.

2.Poacher_landscapeTHE POACHER. Dir. Nicholas Jones. 2016, 12 min. Documentary. London, England.  John hunts and forages in the wilderness within the city limits of London for game and produce that has become popular in the city’s trendy restaurants.


VOLCANO ISLAND. Dir. Anna Katalin Lovrity. 2017. 9 min. Animation. Budapest, Hungary.  
Mysterious natural laws set explosive forces in motion, as a tigress is pursued on a dazzling island.

4.UFO+DAYS+2UFO DAYS. Dir. Quinn Else. 2016, 9 min. Narrative. Elmwood, WI.  An enigmatic, strangely familiar man attends the annual UFO Days celebration in a small Wisconsin town.


THE TALE OF HILLBELLY. Dir. Daren Rabinovitch, Isaiah Saxon, Sean Hellfritsch. 2016, 9min. Narrative. Los Angeles, CA.
A man attempts to reach enlightenment through yoga, but his own physical hunger drives him deeper into nature than he could have ever wished for.


KALB. Dir. Franz Maria Quitt. 2017, 7min. Narrative.  Tyrol, Austria.
A young boy learns the ways of the farm from his grandfather, and on his own.

HAIRAT. Dir. Jessica Beshir. 2017, 6 min. Experimental. Harar Jugol, Ethiopia.  
Elias Shagiz Adonay Tesfaye’s poetry accompanies a glimpse into the nightly rituals of the “Hyena Man.”

6.dragonsandsariphimdragons & seraphim. Dir. Sasha Waters Freyer. 2017, 14 min. Experimental. IA/VA/NY/Sweden.
Ancient flowers and animal desire. The past rises up – a mirage, but I can’t bury it deep enough.”

7.THE RABBIT HUNTTHE RABBIT HUNT. Dir. Patrick Bresnan. 2017, 12 min. Documentary. Pahokee, FL.  Chris and his family set out for the fields of the Everglades’ largest industrial sugar farms, where rabbit hunting is a rite of passage. (Winner of Best Short at this year’s Sheffield Doc/Fest)

2016-17 ‘BEST OF’ DATES:
Phoenix, AZ – August 26 @ Third Street Theater
Freistadt, Austria – August 23-27 @ Der Neue Heimatfilm Festival
Martinsville, IN – July 15-16 @ Art Sanctuary/Ryder Film Series
Delhi, NY – June 11 @ Bushel Collective
Montpelier, VT – June 11 @ Savoy Theater
Deer Isle, ME – June 8 @ Opera House Arts
Rochester, NY – June 3 @ The Little Theatre
Portland, OR – May 20-21 @ Clinton Street Theater
Richmond, VA – April 6 @ James River Film Festival
Cedar Rapids, IA – March 14 @ CSPS/Legion Arts (w/Festival Director Alan Webber)
Decorah, IA – March 10-12 @ Oneota Film Festival (w/Festival Director Alan Webber)
Decorah, IA – February 2 @ Oneota Film Festival (special event)
Lake Placid, NY – November 17 @ Lake Placid Center for the Arts
Larkspur, CA – October 17-23 @ Lark Theater
Freistadt, Austria – August 24-28 @ Der Neue Heimatfilm Festival
Elkader, IA – August 20-21 @ Elkader Cinema/Art in the Park

Freistadt, Austria – August 24-28 @ Der Neue Heimatfilm Festival
Elkader, IA – August 20-21 @ Elkader Cinema/Art in the Park
Delhi, NY – June 24 @ Bushel Collective
Reno, NV – June 16 @ Nevada Museum of Art
Portland, OR – May 31-June 2 @ Clinton Street Theater
Pittsburgh, PA – May 15 @ Hollywood Theater
Richmond, VA – April 7 @ James River Film Festival
Memphis, TN – March 16 @ Indie Memphis
Decorah, IA – March 4-6 @ Oneota Film Festival (w/Festival Director Alan Webber)
Houston, TX – March 3, 2016 @ Aurora Picture Show
Quito, Ecuador – February 3-7 @ Ocho y Medio (incl. “Edén”, “Sal”, “Mosuo Sisters” and “Taromenani”; w/Festival Director Alan Webber Feb. 4&5)
Decorah, IA – January 21 @ Oneota Film Festival (special event)
Arica, Chile – October 22-25, 2015 @ Arica Nativa (w/Festival Director Alan Webber)
New York, NY – October 23, 2015 @ Margaret Mead Film Festival at American Museum of Natural History (co-presentation of “Sailing a Sinking Sea”)
Cedar Rapids, IA – October 11, 2015 @ CSPS (w/Festival Director Alan Webber)
Iowa City, IA – October 8, 2015 @ FilmScene (w/Festival Director Alan Webber)


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