Thursday, Aug. 1st (7-10PM) at the Strand Smokehouse
2/3 Goat – Astoria Alt. Country-Bluegrass
2/3 Goat kick out a melding of alt-country, bluesy bluegrass and classic rock that echo the core members’ diverse roots:  Annalyse descended directly from the infamous McCoys of E. Kentucky, and Ryan comes deeply rooted in S. Jersey shore beach culture.  

Saturday, Aug. 3rd (1-1:45PM & 3:45-4:30PM) at Museum of the Moving Image
This Frontier Needs Heroes – Brooklyn Alt. Folk
“Their music ranges from simply arranged, heartbreaking ballads to raucous foot-tappers, complete with rambling electric guitar solos and handclaps… both call to mind vast and often desolate American landscapes.” NPR All Songs Considered   

Saturday, Aug. 3rd (5:30-7:30PM) at Museum of the Moving Image
Gimagua – Colombian Rumba Flamenco
Many New Yorkers are already familiar with Gimagua from their crowd-grabbing performances with the MTA’s Music Under New York program. These handsome twin brothers from Cartagena , Colombia have also performed their Rumba Flamenco and Afro-Cuban stylings on local and national TV, and recorded for the Broadway musical, “El Zorro, the Masked Musicial”.  

Sunday, Aug. 4th (1-1:45PM & 4-4:45PM) at Museum of the Moving Image
Vlada Tomova’s Bulgarian Voices Trio
 – Bulgarian and Russian Folk Harmonies
Resurrecting ancient Bulgarian and Cossack folk songs, these three women from Bulgaria, Russia and the U.S. breathe new life into complex harmonies. Faithful to tradition, yet with a uniquely rich and balanced pitch, their voices reach across cultures and generations, transcending the confines of time and place into the realm of pure vocal triumph.  

Sunday, Aug. 4th (7:30-8:30PM) at Brooklyn Grange Rooftop Farm
The Spookfish
– Jersey City Low-Fi Electro-Folk
Dan Goldberg swims out of the lo-fi depths of home-recording simplicity to play special ‘Mountain Shows’ accompanied by group hikes in the Hudson River Valley.  His instrumental work consists of hissing keyboards, lo-tech beats, and boiled down Fahey dreaming acoustic guitar lines.  Spookfish’s “Strawberry Feelings” accompanies this year’s RR trailer.