Rooftop Films’ The American Experience Show @ Socrates Sculpture Park
A Short Film about Ice Fishing
Dir. Jason Shahinfar. 8min. Narrative. 2011. Barnard, SD.
Two friends devote a winter afternoon in South Dakota to ice fishing, cold beers, friendly chatter, man’s best friend, guns, dynamite…all on a frozen lake.

Flux Factory, Long Island City
Compound Eyes #1
Dir. Paul Clipson. 6min. 2011. Experimental. Golden Gate Botanical Gardens, CA.
Taken from a series of short film studies, commissioned by the San Francisco Exploratorium, studying aspects of insect and animal life, viewed within a succession of environments in unexpected ways.  A macro-menagerie of natural lifeforms are introduced in a forest’s tapestry of earth, water and air:  Spiders, slugs, flies, bees, and ants navigate their lives in darkness and light.  Filmed in Super-8 with sound collage/music by Jefre Cantu-Ledesma.

Painting John  w/artist Hugh Wilson in person!
Dir. Audrey Hall. 10min.  2011. Documentary. Livingston, MT.
Painting John captures two people, generations apart, separated by education and background but tied together by a commitment to their unique life paths.  Hugh Wilson left his career on Wall Street in exchange for the pursuit of his passion – conveying the human condition through art. He paints entirely from life, inspired by the intimate and authentic relationship between artist and subject. The son of Norwegian immigrants, John Holland has lived alone in a rustic Montana cabin his entire adult life devoted to his cattle and family ranch.

Rooftop Films’ Her Master’s Voice Program, Socrates Sculpture Park
Sacha the Bear  N. American Premiere!
Dir. Henri Desaunay. 12min. 2012. Narrative. Saint-Michel-des-Andaines, Normandie, France.
A bear finds refuge from a hunter by a pretty girl who lives in the woods. This fun and well-crafted film utilizes archetypal fairytale characters, but their well-ordered world lapses into confusion, as the naïve girl starts acting like a seductive woman, the lord starts acting like a beast, and the beast seems surprisingly human.


Queens Library – Astoria Branch 
A Man Named PearlGreen Screening w/after-party @ Hell Gate Social 
Dir. Scott Galloway & Brent Pierson. 78min. Documentary. 2008. Bishopville, SC.
When Pearl Fryar and his wife sought to buy a house in an all-white neighborhood of Bishopville, South Carolina, they were dissuaded with the explanation that “Black people don’t keep up their yards.” Remarkably, instead of fueling bitterness and anger, this comment motivated Pearl to win Bishopville’s “Yard of the Month” award and, eventually, to transform his ordinary suburban yard into an internationally-acclaimed horticultural wonderland. The topiary garden’s centerpiece emblazons both its message and Pearl’s own philosophy: “Love, Peace, and Goodwill.”    

“Not only makes you want to get out there and play Edward Scissorhands but can help replenish one’s faith in humanity.”  -Los Angeles Times

A Man Named Pearl preceded by:

Comca’ac (courtesy of our Chilean sister film festival, Arica Nativa)
Dir. Pedro Jimenez Gurria. 8min. Documentary. 2011. Puenta Chueca, Sonora, Mexico.  NY Premiere!
With a great cosmogony based on stars and songs, the Comca’ac tribe live and sing their way through their poor reality to prevail on this Earth.

Earl Butz
Dir. Dorothea Braemer & Brian Milbrandt. 3min. Experimental. 2009. Buffalo, NY.  NY Premiere!
A high energy collage which critiques the dominance of agribusiness points to Earl Butz, U.S. Secretary of Agriculture from 1971-1976, as the culprit whose mantra to farmers was “get big or get out.”

Neve & Sons
Dir. Laura Green & Duygu Eruçman. 8min. Documentary. 2011. Petaluma, CA.
Facing the mounting pressures of globalized industry, a Bay Area Italian immigrant’s great-grandsons struggle to keep the Neve small family farm alive in the flower business.


Rooftop Films’ Animation Block Party @ the Automotive High School, Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Dir. Brett Underhill. 5min. Animation. 2012. Brooklyn, NY.
In a cold, bleak field there lies a lonely scarecrow. But he won’t be alone for long…