NASHVILLE. Dir. Robert Altman. 1975, 160 min. Narrative. Nashville, TN. 35mm Print!  Tickets HERE

 “…a film that a lot of other directors will wish they’d had the brilliance to make and that dozens of other performers will wish they’d had the great good fortune to be in. Nashville is about the quality of a segment of Middle American life. It’s about ambition, sentimentality, politics, emotional confusion, empty goals, and very big business…” – Vincent Canby, New York Times (1975)

 Altman’s mid-70s masterpiece shuffles between 24 stories of musicians, songwriters, managers, third party politicians, fans and wannabes over the course of five days in Music City, U.S.A. This thorough cinematic experience contains elements of drama, comedy, musical and suspense, with an incredible ending that brings it all together. Many members of the stellar ensemble cast wrote and performed their own songs (including Keith Carradine with Oscar winner, I’m Easy).