Fiddlesticks-web_posterFIDDLESTICKS. Dir. Veit Helmer. 2014, 80min. Narrative. Buckow, Germany. NY Premiere!  Tickets

Director Veit Helmer (Baiknor) brings us another wild, highly-crafted original with Fiddlesticks – this time an all-ages movie, starring a group of rambunctious German children and their ingenious pet coati. In this humorously zany Little Rascals-inspired feature, the Coati Gang lives in Bollersdorf, a village that prides itself in being the most average place in the world. When a greedy and manipulative consumer studies company tests new laboratory-created food products there, the Coati Gang springs into action. They plot to free their eccentric grandparents from the nursing home where they’ve been confined, and daringly set out to break a series of world records (including making the world’s largest milkshake in a swimming pool). Will the adults put a stop to their chaotic hijinks, or can the Coati Gang succeed in making their village an exceedingly above average place?

Preceded by:
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