Some of our best short films on Brooklyn Grange’s beautiful flagship rooftop farm – just down the street from MoMI in Long Island City! + a performance from ukulele master, Sakai!  An Opening Night Party will follow at COFFEED downstairs w/beer specials from SingleCut.  (7:30PM doors, Tickets HERE)

Live performance atop the rooftop farm to start the show!|
Originally a professional guitarist in Tokyo, Sakai is now a familiar face at the Astoria-based ukulele store, Uke Hut, and other local venues, where you’ll find him playing his unique Japanese/bossa nova-fused ukulele tunes and improvisations.


LOVE_web_originalstillforposterimageLOVE. Dir. Réka Bucsi. 2016, 14min. Animation. Budapest, Hungary.
Academy-shortlisted animator Bucsi explores the relationship between affection and physical change on a distant solar system through a series of cartoon vignettes, starring quirky animals and made-up creatures.

unnamed-2SEED SAVER. Dir. Kenneth Price. 2015, 4min. Experimental/Archival. Walland, TN.We have lost 93% of seed diversity over the past 100 years; John Coykendall has dedicated his life to preserving and growing heirloom varieties before it’s too late. Footage from Prelinger Archives.

Jamie underwaterDIVER. Dir. Christoph Gelfand and Caroline Losneck. 2015, 9min. Documentary. Cushing, ME.
Despite an accident that threatened his livelihood, James Sewell remains one of the only fishermen who dive to the ocean floor to harvest scallops by hand.

. Dir. Ariana Gerstein. 2016, 7min. Experimental. Chicago, IL.
Images of birds and nature within the Chicago cityscape ‘cycle’ from Super 8 to 16mm to 35mm and back down again, optically printed, hand processed, and then optically printed again using a digital still camera.

black_canaries5BLACK CANARIES. Dir. Jesse Kreitzer. 2016, 19min. Narrative. Iowa.
Kreitzer shows his talent for the period piece with a stark, spot-on 1907 story (based on his own coal mining ancestry) of a family’s continuous descent into the accursed Maple Mine.

SpreeuwenzwermTHE ART OF FLYING. Dir. Jan van IJken. 2015, 7min. Experimental/Documentary. Beesd, Netherlands.
In the warm winter of 2014/15, the Common Starlings stayed in Holland instead of migrating south, giving van IJken the opportunity to record their mysterious “murmurations,” one of the most spectacular natural phenomena on Earth.

Canary_03_RRCANARY. Dir. Marie Schlingmann. 2016, 11min. Narrative. Ulster and Sullivan Counties, NY.
Midge has some unusual visitors at her gas station out in coal country, Pennsylvania. After they leave, she finds her pet canary dead in its cage, but that’s only the beginning of troublesome revelations…

Contemplating_still2MOUNTAIN FUNERAL. Dir. Jonathan Johnson. 2014, 6min. Experimental. Skagaströnd, Iceland.
Video footage from the mountains of northern Iceland are combined with an archival sound recording of an Appalachian man recalling a funeral from his childhood. Life, death and spirits that transcend both hang in the fog.

ogasavara-1OGASAWARA. Dir. Tato Kotetishvili. 2015, 8min. Narrative. Gorelowka, Samtskhe-Javakheti, Georgia.
Murad and Masha are getting married in their Georgian Dukhabor village. But their romantic date dynamite fishing takes a surprising turn in this whimsical tale of love, death and stop-motion.