Dir. Elise DuRant. 2014. 95min. Narrative. San Miguel de Allende, Bajío, Mexico and NYC.
New York Premiere! Q&A w/the director to follow!

Inspired by writer-director Elise DuRant’s own childhood experiences in 1980’s Mexico, Edén is an intimately rendered film about coming home. Nine-year-old Alma is forced to leave Mexico with her artifact-smuggling father, John (played by Will Oldham).  Years later, after her father’s death, she returns to Mexico to confront the man responsible for their emigration.  But she finds more than she was looking for, in the form of a new cultural identity and old secrets that are revealed. This sensitively depicted, personal exploration of the ties-that-bind – to family or country – is a film about our search for roots and a sense of belonging and the love and loss that accompanies this search.

Preceded by:
CAMINO DEL AGUA. Dir. Carlos Felipe Montoya. 2014. 8min. Narrative. Páramo of Choachì, Cundinamarca, Colombia.
Felipe Montoya has crafted a beautiful, modern folk tale about a young girl who is sent by her mother to get water from the spring, but has an unexpected encounter along the way.