Some of our best short films on Brooklyn Grange’s beautiful flagship rooftop farm – just down the street from MoMI in Long Island City! + a performance from alphornist, Barbara Oldham! An Opening Night Party will follow at COFFEED downstairs.  Tickets

Live performance atop the rooftop farm to start the show!|
Just as European mountain villagers communicated to one another for centuries, Barbara Oldham (founding member of the Quintet of the Americas) will play a set on the legendary alphorn, overlooking the Manhattan skyline, to announce the start of the show.


BORDER PATROL. Dir. Peter Baumann. 2014. 15min. 2013. Narrative. Jachenau, Bad Tölz, Germany.
Carl and Franz are all ready to get off work and go and watch the big match against Austria when they make an unwelcome discovery. So, deal with it, or make it someone else’s problem?

WITNESSES. Dir. David Eisenberg. 2014. 19min. Narrative. Spring Green, WI. Filmmakers in person for the show!
Two young grifters scout their next target posing as religious missionaries, until they knock on the wrong door and make a disturbing discovery that puts multiple lives at risk.

LAYOVER. Dir. Vanessa Renwick. 2014. 7min. Experimental. Portland, OR.
Every fall, the Vaux’s Swifts layover for three weeks in Portland, Oregon, swirling in enchanting flight as they migrate to South America.

TRAVEL LOG: ANTARCTICA. Dir. Alan Webber. 2015. 2min. Experimental/Documentary. Antarctica.
Festival Director, Alan Webber makes it to the 7th continent aboard a German cruise ship as part of the 2008-9 Rural Route Nomad Tour.

ISOLA DEL GIGLIO. Dir. Tom Schroeder. 2014. 10min. Animation. Isola del Giglio, Italy.
Sunday morning impressions on the long curve of Campese, in the form of this Minnesotan animator’s sketchbook.

BORDERLAND. Dir. Aleksander Olai Korsnes. 2014. 15min. Narrative. Grense Jakobselv, Norway.
What starts out as an adventure about Bjørnar and the fish, becomes a Cold War story, too incredible to be true, yet completely credible within its own universe.

WAWI. Dir. Michael Portway. 2014. 10min. Narrative. Trentham Falls area, Victoria, Australia.
Set during the first wave of ngamakitj (white man) arriving in Australia, Wawi follows the story of Porokil, and is the first film entirely in the indigenous Dja Dja Wurrung language.